Connecting the people who feed the world

  • showcase your products
  • find trusted suppliers and charities
  • manage excess product

A Club of Biodynamic, Demeter, and Regen Ag partners... The dream of CeresNexus/Planetary Harvest is to support the growers, producers, suppliers, buyers, and all of the people in the supply chain whose products heal the world from within. Our producers 100% Real Organic, Demeter, Biodynamic, Regenerative, and any other provable method of agriculture independently certified to the highest agriculture and standards and among the highest level of commitment to all stakeholders through the food chain, including our planet.

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Search and be discoverable worldwide

We know how difficult sourcing superior products can be. You work hard to make yours the best that can be. Showcase your company, facilities, products, certifications, specifications, and availability to buyers around the globe so you get inquiries from people who want to buy certified sustainable and regenerative product. Provide your preferred contact information so they can get in touch with you directly.

Secure document vault

No more phone calls in the middle of the night. You and the seller can post all the necessary paperwork – from contracts and purchase orders to bills of lading and certificates of authenticity – in a secure location and make them available to only the specific people you authorize to see them, 24 / 7.

Solutions for excess product

Post your excess or aging supply on Planetary Harvest Greg's List – anonymously if you prefer. You can search for charities and food banks looking for donations, or maybe you have an unexpected need to fill. Browse anytime to see unique or niche products from new suppliers.

The people who feed the world

Growers & Producers

Attract buyers for your products by listing them on the CeresNexus Global Availability Map. Show them your certifications and product availability so they can instantly see the quality products you sell and when they are available. Streamline access to your documents by anyone you designate inside or outside your company.

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The CeresNexus Global Availability Map helps you find the products you need with the certifications you desire. See products and availability and contact information for sellers worldwide. Once you make a purchase, CeresNexus gives you easy and secure access to all the seller's documentation.

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Expand the market for your clients' products and grow your business by helping your clients showcase their products to more buyers than ever before. Find the products buyers need by searching the Global Availability Map. Eliminate paperwork problems by arranging secure 24 / 7 access to transaction documents.

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Maximize your vehicle utilization by connecting with customers on the same platform they are using to buy and sell and manage their paperwork. List your available empty backhauls and advertise your capabilities to people looking for shipping solutions. Manage your customers’ paperwork in a central, easy to access, secure location.


Showcase your facilities and post available capacity on the same platform your customers are using to buy and sell. Advertise your locations and eliminate excess space, CeresNexus also provides a convenient, secure location for paperwork management.

Charities and Food Banks

Position your organization to secure donations of excess product and logistical services from buyers, sellers, and transportation and storage companies. Advertise your needs and browse the products and services that companies are looking to donate.