Embedded in the DNA of CeresNexus/Planetary Harvest is the reconnection with Nature’s Wisdom. Planetary Harvest is about connecting people feed the world—Real Organic, truly Biodynamic, Demeter--clean--no BS. Food grown and blended with love and nourishment prioritized far above the idea of profit — not just the same old foods that have made our society sick, our economy unjust, our children’s children epigenetically at risk.

A Club of Biodynamic, Demeter, and Regen Ag partners... The dream of CeresNexus/Planetary Harvest is to support the growers, producers, suppliers, buyers, and all of the people in the supply chain whose products heal the world from within. Our producers 100% Real Organic, Demeter, Biodynamic, Regenerative, and any other provable method of agriculture independently certified to the highest agriculture and standards and among the highest level of commitment to all stakeholders through the food chain, including our planet.

We are focused on pursuing a smarter, cleaner, more efficient future for all those in the food industry. It is the aim of CeresNexus/Planetary Harvest to uplift the producers of food, from the smallest provable organic farm, to the most highly skilled Demeter certified Products, we aim to support and uplift the food producers and transport them from very good to excellent!

CN/PH must also grapple with the fact that roughly 33% of the food produced in the world for human consumption, approximately 1.3 billion tons, is wasted. Our goal is to help food business solve major problems from B to B search solutions, manage secure paperwork through the supply chain, and facilitate ease of connection with all the philanthropic outlets and credible secondary markets worldwide. Ultimately, this means less waste and more truly nourishing food ending up on plates or banana leaves rather than in a landfill.

CeresNexus/Planetary Harvest is about connecting the people who feed the world, and that connection starts with you and yours.