Finding what you need has never been easier. Locate, growers, producers, and processors on the CeresNexus Global Availability Map. Search by product, company name, certifications, and specifications. View company and product profiles and availability from anywhere in the world.

One Site – Multiple Solutions

Who has what, where and when?

Need 250,000 pounds of organic snow peas next January? Search the Global Availability Map to find companies who pack organic snow peas in the time frame that matches your needs. Click on the company to learn more and connect with them at the touch of a button.

No more paperwork headaches.

No more phone calls in the middle of the night. No more waiting for Betty to arrive at office, find a document, and fax it to you. You and the seller can post all the necessary paperwork – from contracts and purchase orders to bills of lading and certificates of authenticity – in a secure location and make them available to only the specific people you authorize to see them, 24/7.

Solutions for excess product.

Post your excess or aging supply on CeresNexus Greg’s List – anonymously if you prefer. You can search for charities and food banks looking for donations, or maybe you have an unexpected need to fill. Browse anytime to see unique or niche products from new suppliers.